(Soon) Size Matters, Museum More, Gorssel (NL)

June 3, 2024

Under the title Size Matters, from October 20, 2024 to February 2, 2025, MORE will show drawings that uncompromisingly take up space and demand the viewer’s attention. From drawings on meters of paper to video animations and 3-dimensional installations, from existing works to new creations. No fleeting sketches or intimate depictions for the homely corner of the private collector, but impressive museum works by 27 top artists from 9 different countries. From pioneers in the field of monumental drawing to young talent, and from major established names to makers who are showing outside our borders for the first time. Artists for whom large format is not an incidental excursion, but an essential part of their oeuvre, in which they persevere despite the mental and physical tour de force that it demands of them time and time again.