Renie Spoelstra (1974, Drachten) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

(Past) Art Rotterdam 2012
2012-02-08 until 2012-02-12

Art Rotterdam
presented by RonMandos Gallery Amsterdam, brand new work.

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(Past) Drawing Centre Diepenheim
2011-12-17 until 2012-02-05

Drawing Centre Diepenheim
Renie Spoelstra Nabeelden
Hans Lemmen No reason to get excited !!!

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(Past) The Draughtman's contract
2011-12-11 until 2012-02-05

The Draughtsman’s contract
CypresGalerie Leuven

Group exhibition with:

Peter De Koninck
Joachim Devillé
Bruno Hardt
Jeroen Hollander
Stefan Serneels
Greet Van Autgaerden
Hannelore Van Dijck
Robbie Cornelissen
Marcel van Eeden
Rik Smits
Renie Spoelstra
Justin Wijers

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(Past) Art Toronto 2011
2011-10-28 until 2011-10-31

Presented by Nicholas Metivier
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(Past) Pearls of the North -Paris
2011-10-13 until 2011-09-23

Pearls of the North
Parels van het Noorden, group show of several artists from the Benelux, represented by their galeries.

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(Past) All About Drawing. 100 Nederlandse Kunstenaars
2011-04-23 until 2011-08-28

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Grote overzichtstentoonstelling over hedendaags tekenen in Nederland.
Getoond werk: “Recreatiegebied#73”/2009/240×350cm/houtskool op papier/courtesy Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam.

(Past) Volta 7 Basel

Volta Show Basel
Ron Mandos gallery with Martin Effert, Renato Nicolodi and Renie Spoelstra,
presenting a new series (“Archive: forest”) of 15 drawings as well as large scale new drawings.

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(Past) I promise to love you
2011-02-05 until 2011-05-15

On the occasion of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Caldic Collection Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a survey exhibition entitled ‘I promise to love you’. A selection of over eighty paintings, photographs, installations and sculptures that have all been purchased over the last ten years, constitutes an impressive overview of the Caldic Collection in the twenty-first century.

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(Past) The Armory Show
2011-03-03 until 2011-03-06

The Armory Show New York, 2011
with RONMANDOS Gallery Amsterdam

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(Past) Nicholas Metivier Gallery
2011-03-10 until 2011-04-10

new exhibition in Toronto, Canada at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

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